I am:

  • 29 years old.
  • mother to a joyful, healthy, chubby, and rambunctious little Cameron.
  • happily married to my husband Matt for nearly five years.
  • the owner of one exuberant, fluffy, adorable, and incredibly standoffish Shiba Inu.
  • currently a resident of Norristown, PA (but not the scary part).
  • very much in love with my sister, brother, mother, father, and handsome nephew.
  • a fan of knitting, sleeping, running, cooking, reading, and shopping.
  • probably dying for a beer…right now.
  • always trying to picture what our future will look like.
  • no good at keeping plants alive, but I’m no quitter!
  • proud to be a full-time working mother.


I’m online!

  • Instagram: meggiep00
  • Etsy: meggiepoo0901
  • LinkedIn: http://lnkd.in/FZ4zWA


Not long after I started this blog, I received the following text regarding this blog from my little brother, who lives in Connecticut:

Btw I like that you do stuff like this – helps me feel connected even when I’m far away.

He’s one of the best reasons to continue posting.



Just in case you were wondering, the title of this blog is not in any way an implication that mornings are a reason for great enthusiasm. It’s just that I wish I had a neighbor like this guy…


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