pumpkins and piglets

Sometimes you need to drop everything, call up Grandpop, and go to the farm to see baby animals and eat ice cream.

So yesterday, that’s what we did.


we play in our pajamas until noon in this house

So apparently my blog posts have been missed. Sorry about that–life has been getting in the way. I will try to post more often.

It has definitely turning into fall outside (my favorite time of year!) and Cameron is loving the outdoors even more than usual. I’m doing lots more laundry as a result since every pair of his pants is covered in grass stains. It’s worth every fold–just look at this joyful guy.

Joey and Cameron are like little monkeys when they’re with each other. Little, climbing, chattering, scrambling, noisy, wrestling, goofy monkeys. It’s impossible to get a picture where they’re both in focus, but I’ve got about 200 of their blurry little bodies if you’re interested

Also, I’m pretty sure any conversation between Joey and Cameron goes like this:

Joey: Baby Cameron I need, I need hold hands.

Cameron: No.

P.S. 99 days until Christmas! (but who’s counting?)