good old dad

My dad says weird things when he speaks in public (and sometimes when he speaks in private as well). When my sister and Scott got married, Dad’s sentimental speech included a random reference to Kate as “twitchy.” I’m still scratching my head over that one…I guess he’s just a funny communicator.

One of my favorite weird Dad moments was his speech at our wedding, which included a sad story about a little kid whose butt fell off (really). Somehow, he segued that into how the father-daughter relationship changes as daughters become adults. I remember being confused by the whole thing…especially the part about how he started to like me more as I got older (“didn’t he always like me??”).

In the last few years, my dad and I have done some long-overdue bonding, and I’m finally starting to make some sense of his speech. It was never a question of how much he loved me. Instead, I think he was trying to say how neat it is, knowing each other better and liking each other more as we both grow up old on concurrent timelines.

Amazingly, I’ve learned that he’s a really funny guy under his sweet awkwardness. He has one of those irresistibly infectious laughs, that rare ability to connect with little kids, and pretty great taste in music (accompanied by a goofy little boogie when he really likes a song).

Cameron loves my dad as much as I do–loves to growl at him, loves to be scooped up into his arms, loves when my dad smells his hair and bites his earlobes.

Dad turned sixty last Wednesday and we celebrated over the weekend with a party in his new pool. All night, he smiled broadly, chased his grandkids around the pool, grilled happily, laughed wholeheartedly, and proudly showed off his trains in the basement to the little ones.

I can’t wait for my son to get to know him better, and to grow into a relationship with him as I finally have.

I love you Dad.

Best. Goggles. Ever.


3 thoughts on “good old dad

  1. OMG!! Why did I read this post in the karate studio??? Your Dad’s personality reminds me so much of my own father (who as you know never had a chance to meet my kids) You are so lucky – I know you appreciate every moment!!

  2. I can hear your dad’s laugh and picture him dancing while reading your post! He is a wonderful godfather as well!

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