a great day at grandmama’s

We spent last Saturday at my Grandmom’s house, chasing around two very rambunctious little boys. She has oodles and oodles of stairs and the boys can’t get enough of them. My Mom had the foresight to bring a blow-up pool and we watched two crazy kids blow around the backyard like fat little leaves.

My Grandmama is eighty-two and hilarious…it’s so much fun to see her laugh with her great-grandsons. I haven’t seen her this happy in years and it’s so worth the trip out to her house, every single time.

Everybody slept well that night. 🙂


3 thoughts on “a great day at grandmama’s

  1. Oh Meghan I love your blog – remembering your thoughts on children I am truly thankful that this little guy has captured your heart and your life – what a blessing children are – mine never cease to amaze me even at their ’30 something ages! They are now the friends that I never thought they would be. Just be there for Cameron – kiss his booboos, cry with him, laugh with him and never forget to tell him how much you love him – those are what he will remember no matter how old or how far away from you he will be. Enjoy!!! Thankfully I get to revisit this as a Grammi – Jackson is the love of my life, I cherish every moment with him and am thankful that he has come into my life – words jst cannot express the blessings that I have – it is what it is!!!

  2. I love the one with Joey doing a naked belly flop into the pool. He clearly has been watching the Olympics and is practicing his new moves!!

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